Digital representation of product temperature history
Proactive and corrective actions, tailored on real time indicators
Prevention and reduction
of food spoilage
and waste

 The Problem 

 The Product 








global diary production

added value generated in the EU

turnover in the EU




food wasted annually in the EU

Over 100 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU (2014) according to the European Commission and according to the Cool Chain Association (CCA) studies, 30% of temperature-sensitive products are estimated to be lost during transport.


Hence, the project arises from the need to find a solution to this huge amount of fresh food wasted because of inappropriate logistic and warehouse management practices regarding temperature and humidity sensitive products.


Waste of foodstuffs, flowers, pharmaceuticals has a very huge negative impact on environment, discarding water and energy, increasing carbon footprint, besides of reducing profit for all stakeholders along the perishable product chain.


Therefore, PerishABLE’s objective is to design and develop an integrated system able to improve the quality of products, focusing on the transportation/storage phases.


 The Solution 

PerishABLE aims to develop and place on the market an innovative, efficient and adaptable technology, able to support supply chain logistic operators to track temperature and humidity parameters during the product transportation and warehousing.

A system that sends alerts automatically to users on their mobile phone allows timely corrective actions on the specific shipping and pallet, reducing waste of time during the dismantling of the track.

Our goal is to attain perishable food producers (dairy, fruits and vegetables, but also in perspective, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and flowers), distribution providers, large super-markets logistics operators and wholesalers.

As for the business model, it is based on direct selling to customers. The total cost will also include a set of services for the customer such as the analysis of the specific logistic weaknesses, delivery and installation of the system components, a video-tutorial to train the operators on how to use the system and remote support and maintenance.

PerishABLE enables stakeholders involved along the cold chain monitoring temperature of perishable products during the transportation and warehousing phases in real-time in order to improve product life-cycle management by establishing effective handling procedures. It allows taking proactive and corrective handling measures to preserve the quality. In addition, it can lead to the creation of new models for shelf life calculation of perishable goods. This is an important competitive edge as it provides evidence that the customer can save money in the long term, get better quality products and make a positive impact on the environment.

 The system – accessible via a dedicated app - offers an alert based system informing on temperature gradients inside the truck fridge so as to allow adopting corrective actions and, therefore, avoiding product waste. In addition, CO2 emissions will be reduced by optimizing the transportation and storage temperature based on the specific parameters of the product.

The i-Like platform is the core system of the architecture: it can register and store complex product data structures such as pallets and can trace the shelf life of the products. Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, it is possible to focus on architectural design parts such as data structures and communication. An Android based application provides to active users such as truck drivers and operators a complete tool to monitor the status of the products and alert them in case of temperature sudden change or similar events. The i-Like platform has a RESTful API, providing elastic web services and end points to ease the process of data circulation within the various components. Furthermore, we the system with has been integrated with FIspace and FIWARE generic enablers to provide all the partners with accessibility functions and widgets to operate and extensively use the whole platform.

Once data are collected and structured, several modules can access them and interact together through the Thing Lifecycle middle layer.


The main modules are:

Shelf life calculation module: it uses the product data (product type and composition, production date and last estimated shelf life date) and the environmental data from the BigData DB to recurrently update the optimal shelf life of a (physical) product

• ​

Warehouse Management module: it offers information to the warehouse operator about the content of a pallet or box and which ones have to be managed (sent out of the warehouse to the retailers) first.


  Alarm generation module: it receives the relevant events from the sensor ecosystem and generates alarms visualised by the application for the truck driver.

The services and information generated by these modules are embedded into a mobile app and a widget that will be included in the WireCloud GE, to create personalised interfaces.

Authentication of end users and security of the exchanged data are managed by a dedicated module that integrates the Identity Management GE.

 Fiware Integration 

FiWare GE used:

Cosmos Big Data Analysis: used to store the amount of data generated by the sensors for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions.

WireCloud GE: a widget has been created to visualise the data concerning the tracking of the product (who transported or stored it and under which temperature and humidity conditions). 

Identity Management – KeyRock: the RESTful API of the i-Like platform provides a flow redirect of the mobile user authentication to the KeyRock GE, authorizing the user. The same approach has been used for the web authentication. The main purpose of the KeyRock integration is the user share between the systems

The integration with FIspace brings the following benefits

for the development and delivery of the solution:

-    Support to the development, maintenance and delivery of the solution

-    Availability of the solution via a unique access point at the benefit of the end users, which can easily find it within a catalogue of applications and integrate it within a customized dashboard, offering therefore an efficient user experience

-    Improved communication among business partners

-    Enhanced authentication control and security of the communication

-    Support to events and situations detections

Consulting SME based in Naples, ENCO takes part in the realization of national and international R&D projects, within the area of environmental management, agro‐food sector and logistics. ENCO works as service provider, providing hardware applications in the agro‐food sector.

Transportation and warehousing
A tool supporting product transportation and warehousing
Alert system
on corrective

 Value Proposition 


Product quality under control during the whole logistics phase thanks to temperature and humidity monitoring in real time

Alert system on corrective measures when transportation and storing parameters are not optimal

Consequent evaluation of the logistic and transport operators’ performances thanks to the alerts


Optimal shelf life calculation

Optimization of the track routes based on the status of the goods

Overall CO2 reduction during the whole logistic process

Better distribution of the goods on the track

Easy access to the Application through the FISpace platform



The above impacts are reached thanks to advanced mobile apps and widgets that are provided to three main categories of stakeholders:

1) the warehouse operator, who via the app can acknowledge the re-calculated shelf life of the food products and receive alerts if the storage conditions aren’t optimal;

2) the truck driver, who can be guided in setting the optimal temperature and humidity conditions for the food he is transporting and can be alerted in case of problems;

3) the logistic responsible or the food producer that, thanks to an intuitive widget, can be informed at any moment about who is managing a food pallet and can check the history of transportation/storage for it.

Track temperature humidity parameters

during the product transportation and warehousing

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